Thursday, 31 March 2016

Book Awards

It's that amazing time of year when the NZ Book Awards are beginning. This is the second year where we are a judge school. This means that we have a list of books that have been nominated for the Children's Choice award for 2016. Our school is a part of the process to short list this. I will share the lists of all the books that have been nominated and the children can read them. As there are so many books nominated we don't have all of them in our library. There is a short blurb on the list for all the books that have been nominated so children who are interested in the ones we don't have can take a look at them at our local Pt Chevalier Library.

We have also just received the reading pizza wheels from Hell Pizza. For every book that is read it can be signed off. After six books you can take the wheel to Hell Pizza and get a free pizza. It's not just a matter of saying that you've read a book though! Before a segment is signed off there will be a short conversation or a book log needed to prove you've finished reading.

It's been exciting this term working with Rm 15, 18 and 19 to get classes onto the Wheelers ePlatform and reading eBooks. We have also had some conversations about what new books we would like to add to the catalogue for people to read.

The ePlatform is available for all of our students and can be read on a device using the app or on a computer. If you don't have a login yet and you're interested in reading eBooks take a look and register. If you need help come and see me on Fridays at lunchtime in the library.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

After School Activities in the Library

This week the after school activities that have been offered begin in the library. I am looking forward to learning and sharing together as we do coding, homework and book club. The beginning of the year is always a busy time as we organise schedules and have a variety of parent meetings so Nathan will be starting the coders off this afternoon while I attend a parent information session about another group I will be working with during school time this year.

For those involved in coding you will get a login and password this afternoon. On your information the web address is given. Here is a link for those of you who will attend to make it easier for you to access.

Coding Club - LINK

I am away on a course on Friday so Book Club will actually have their first meeting next Friday, 4 March.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Friday, 12 February 2016

What a start!

The library is starting to get back into routines now. We have a wonderful group of new librarians who are beginning their training this week. New students have been loaded into the system and we are just starting to get new books arriving for the year. 

As we begin this term all classes are focusing on how to make sure the library is looked after by keeping the shelves tidy. If you are interested in knowing what we are sharing you can follow this link.

At the end of last year all of the books were scanned and any missing books were thoroughly searched for. We do take every step possible to find a book if someone says they think they have already returned it. Often we find that books have been returned to the public library by mistake and we do regularly check there for our books but it would be really appreciated if you are notified of a missing book if you could check there, your child's classroom library, their tray or desk and at home before contacting us. We occasionally have a situation where a book has made it back on the shelf without being processed through the computer properly but that is easily fixed.

We are very excited that some of our writers and illustrators are submitting their work to the Toitoi: Journal for Young Writers and Artists and we received two copies of the current edition which has art work in it from one of our 2015 Y3 students. We'd love to see more so if you or a friend are interested you can find details of how to submit your own work at

Books you might enjoy:

New eBooks in our collection

Hard copy books being added soon

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hour of Code

It was so great to see the group of students enjoying the Hour of Code! So much fun. See pictures below.

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Countdown Begins

Every year at about this time begins the counting of the thousands of books on our shelves. This year for the first time the gold school librarians are actually a part of this process. Every book in our library catalogue needs to be scanned, the shelves and dividers cleaned.

Because there are no more issues there are less new books on the shelf this week. These books will be available for issue next year. For all of those people who have reserved books this year we will be resetting the reserves. If you're really keen on the book you could always go to Pt Chevalier Library during the holidays to get the book out and participate in the summer programme too!

Next week the library is hosting the Hour of Code on Tuesday evening. We originally opened this up to only the first 30 to register but after conversations with staff we felt that we could extend to 40. Just as well because it has been quite popular. So popular that in fact we are now full! If we keep getting interest we might have to look into opening for a second night!

This will be the last post for this year so enjoy your summer reading and I look forward to sharing what's hot! 

Remember to visit Pt Chevalier Library over the holidays and sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Summer Reading

Once again our friends across the Tasman have thrown down the challenge.
Summer Reading Challenge

Teachers have long known about the 'summer reading slide'. We know that children who continue to read over the summer months while away from school do better. So Scholastic have put together a challenge and made it competitive. Follow the link below if you are interested in being a part of the NZ team 'New Zealand's Taniwha'.

Summer Reading Challenge

Keep your eyes open for more summer reading fun from the Pt Chevalier Library too! They always have great programmes during the school breaks!

Join in the exciting summer challenges at Auckland Libraries.

Monday, 16 November 2015

More than books

While our library does house many wonderful books it is more than a home for books. It is a place of wonder and joy. Earlier in the year I asked students to say what a library is. Here are some of their responses:

A place to read.
A quiet place.
Somewhere to find information.
Where my imagination can take me to new places.

In addition to books we like to be a part of the bigger learning picture. This term classes have been learning about some of the wonderful digital tools that can assist in note taking and idea sharing. Tools like Padlet, Popplet and Thinklink. But it doesn't stop there. We want to be a part of the bigger picture so...

As a part of learning and information sharing our library has decided to host the Hour of Code this coming December. During the week of 6-13 December all around the world people are being encouraged to learn about computer coding. have facilitated tutorials in coding for people around the world to access. We will have Chromebooks available for up to 30 students to use on Tuesday 8 December from 3:15pm-4:15pm. We would also love parents to participate. Perhaps you already have experience coding? You could support our learners. Perhaps you're a learner too? We would love to have you along and learning with us. Because we are limiting numbers we would like you to register for this event. Please follow this link to add your registration or contact Denise in the library.

It has been wonderful, too, to see so many of our librarians wanting to complete their training. We now have a significant number of librarians who have been trained ready to work on the end of year stocktake. This will mean that we need to start thinking about getting all of the books back into the library. All library books are due back by Friday December 4th. This is still a couple of weeks away and we will continue to lend books until the end of week 7, November 27th.

We are still introducing new books to our collection this week. We are thankful to Emma Vere-Jones for donating Stan the Van Man. We have heard rumours that there is another new book from Emma coming soon so keep your eyes open for that one. Also, thanks to Diane Harding, one of the teacher aides at school, who regularly finds gems that can be added to our collection. Diane is an avid reader and enthusiastically shares the wonders of books. 

Here are the latest additions to our collection: